About Ballymoney By The Sea

We are a small group of local volunteers who continuously aspire to making Ballymoney a safer and more beautiful experience for our residents and visitors, alike.

This year our new footpath from the Crossroads to Kildermot was installed, part of a much greater plan to eventually have walkways all the way to Kitt’s lane at the approach to Tara Hill and to extend the existing footpath from Camphill to Dodd’s Rocks road, to give us miles and miles of safe walking alternatives.

From a safety point of view, we are determined to have the footpath extended from the Crossroads to Ballymoney village and table-tops (ramps) installed on the approach to the village. Obviously, all these works have to be done in conjunction with the Local Authorities.

Our group has installed new flower boxes on both approaches to the village and we have refurbished and reinstalled the benches on the sea road, which many of our long-term visitors will have been familiar with over the years. These benches have been dedicated to two men who would have been familiar faces in years past.

A small dedicated group clean litter from the beaches and we try to keep the roads and walks litter free as much as possible. The Crossroads, locally known as the Triangle, is continually weeded, raked and cared for.

But we have other projects in mind. Our “Ballymoney” sign at the Triangle has served us well for many years, alas it has succumbed to decay and needs to be replaced. This is currently being planned. We intend to have more benches on the various walkways and to create a few more beauty spots at a number of well-chosen locations.

Over the last few months we have received many compliments from our visitors and, in part, this is our inspiration to keep going and we will.

Contributions and donations

Dear Friends of Ballymoney we are inviting you to make a contribution, of any size, to keep us in the funds we need to help us along. Even the smallest donation will help us to replenish the flowers and pay for bits and pieces as the need arises.

Contact us now to make a contribution:

Email: [email protected]

or phone us:

Danny: 086 2511984

Eamonn: 087 6382280

Fergus: 085 2111291

We have a Credit Union account and any donation received will be much appreciated and receipted.

Thank you, stay safe and enjoy beautiful Ballymoney.

And finally,
If you have any stories, incidents or memories of Ballymoney that you would like to share, we would love to hear them.