The Winch, originally located on the headlands overlooking the North beach, was used by fishermen and sailors for decades, to haul their boats and yawls from the shoreline back on to the beach. They used timber skids and rollers to prevent their heavy timber boats from “digging” into the sand as they were being hauled. In the Winter months, during heavy storms, the boats were hauled up on to the headlands to protect them from the raging sea.

Partly funded by SSE Renewables and with the help of Wexford County Council, this replica winch was restored and mounted in this new location as a memorial to the local fishermen and sailors of bygone days, by Ballymoney Kildermot Community Group in July 2023.

This particular site was chosen as it was also the location of Ballymoney Coal Yard. Coal, imported from England and Wales, was taken ashore in “Lighters” from schooners, anchored offshore and transported to Gorey and surrounding areas by horse and cart.