The origin of the name is not known, it is assumed that a family of that name lived there at one time or that there was an incident at some time involving someone of that name. However, back in the early 1900’s and well into the middle part of the century, members of the Travelling Community were regular visitors to the area, particularly in the Summer months. They were known to camp at the bottom of Stacy’s Hill, Carty’s Hollow, at Godkin’s on the Gorey road and, of course, at Tutty’s Brook.

The story goes as follows:-

Early one morning a local farmer was on his way to the mart in Gorey with cattle. It was probably the middle 1930’s. As he was passing Tutty’s Brook a gentleman emerged from the river carrying two metal buckets. In each bucket there was a baby. When asked by the farmer what the gentleman was doing, he explained that his wife had given birth to a set of twins a few hours earlier and he was just giving them a wash (in the river). The farmer continued on his way to Gorey with his livestock and we can only assume the twins grew up into fine, healthy well-scrubbed children.